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Changzhou Road and Bridge Building Materials Co., Ltd.
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     Changzhou Luqiao Building Materials Co., Ltd_. was established by technicians in CSR Building Material Group after they bought internationally advanced steel fibre manufacturing equipment and annexed Changzhou Luqiao Building Materials Factory in 2005. The company has total assets of 10 million RMB and daily output ability of 35 tons of products including 38 specs or 4 classes as follows: A .1000-Level Flat Steel Fibre; B .Steel filament type 1000 level steel fibre; C .Milling type 1000 level steel fibre; D .Cropping type 380 level steel fibre.
     The products conform to JG/T3064-1999 Steel Fiber Concrete and YB/T1 51£­1999 Steel Fber for Concrete, and refer to CECS38:2004 Technical Order of Fiber Concrete Structure Technique and ASTM A820-90 steel Fiber for Fiber Concrete. The products have been attested qualified by National Building Material Test Center, Changzhou Metallurgical Products Inspection Station, and Changzhou Quality Inspection Station. The Luqiao steel fiber has been awarded "Certificate of Excellent Product" in a contest by National Building Materials Test Center. The factory has been appraised "Obersing Contracts and Keeping Credit".
     The steel fibres can be widely applied in tunnels, road bridges, buildings, reservoirs, power plants, airports, etc.      They are adopted in many important expressways and tunnels in China and exported to Japan and Tanzania.
The enterprise abides by the tenet of seeking credibility and satisfaction of customers, and the quality guideline of scientific management and first-rate quality. We are making efforts to supply steel fibres of high quality and low prices to the venerable customers.
     Here the manager Mr.Zhu on behalf of the staff expresses our thanks and welcome to fellows from all circles if they want to negotiate some deals, seek cooperation and common development along with us.

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